Powering Singapore with
the world’s largest solar farm,
battery and undersea cable.

GW of power generation
Kilometres of HVDC submarine cable
Hectares of solar arrays
Of Singapore's
electricity supply

A unique opportunity

A significant energy transition is underway in the Indo-Pacific and the share of energy delivered by electricity is growing quickly. In Southeast Asia, energy demand is growing at an average of 6% per year and forecast to grow 60% by 2040. Demand for renewable electricity is accelerating due to its low cost.

Australia has the world’s highest per capita solar resource in the G20 and the second highest in the world. There is a unique opportunity to export large volumes of renewable energy, supporting regional energy needs and sustaining economic growth.

Introduction of the Integrated Project Delivery Team (IPDT)

Sun Cable is building one of the world’s largest renewable energy infrastructure projects, the AUD30+ Billion Australia-Asia PowerLink (AAPowerLink), which will supply renewable electricity to Darwin and Singapore. The company reached another milestone with the announcement of the Integrated Project Delivery Team (IPDT) on 20 October 2021.

Bechtel, Hatch, Marsh, PwC Australia and SMEC (a member of the Surbana Jurong Group) provide a powerhouse of world-leading expertise in their fields and will drive the future of renewable energy in Australia and the Indo-Pacific.

Regional demand for affordable, large-scale, dispatchable renewable electricity

In Singapore, electricity is a major input to its highly industrialised economy. Accessing low cost, reliable electricity over the medium to long term is critical to the country’s long term planning and economic competitiveness.

Singapore is currently reliant upon gas for approximately 95% of its electricity generation so AAPowerLink provides an opportunity to build security, stability and resilience to the network.

In Darwin, affordable and large-scale renewable energy will support the transformation of the Northern Territory economy.

Environmental benefits

We are excited to be part of the green energy revolution that is decarbonising the power sector

As levels of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere are rising, so too are mean global temperatures and sea levels. Societies are increasingly looking to transition to renewable energy that does not create carbon emissions.

Our environmental studies will look for ways to avoid and minimise impacts to environment and heritage values, as well as greenhouse gas emissions during construction.

Sun Cable’s Environmental Impact Statement is currently being prepared for assessment by the Northern Territory and Commonwealth Governments. Environmental Impact Assessments are also separately underway for assessment by the Governments of Indonesia and Singapore.

Economic benefits

The AAPowerLink will herald the start of a new renewable export industry

Sun Cable’s development of the AAPowerLink project will position Australia, Singapore and other Asian nations as regional renewable energy hubs and create significant economic and sustainable energy opportunities for decades

This project will create thousands of operational and construction jobs, stimulating opportunities for local businesses and suppliers now. The AAPowerLink is a AUD $30+ billion project.

Community benefits

Maximising the benefits of the AAPowerLink and minimise harm to the environment

Sun Cable aims to be a good neighbour in the communities in which we operate.

We pay our respects to the traditional owners and custodians of the land where our project will operate: from the Barkly to the Timor Sea, and all the country in between. We also pay our respects to the communities and stakeholders associated with the proposed subsea cable route and network infrastructure in Indonesia and Singapore.

Throughout the life of the AAPowerLink we will minimise harm to the environment by caring for the land, as those before us have and continue to do so.